How to get organized this fall


Like practically every season this year, fall has sneaked upon me without a warning. One day, I was wearing my favorite summer dress, the next one I was trembling from cold and pulling my ankle boots out of the storage. This year is flying by with the velocity of a high-speed train, and while I can do absolutely nothing about it, I can at least try to make the most out of it.

My problem is invariably the same: I always have so many things going on in my life, that my mind is desperately scattered and overwhelmed. You know that feeling, when you can’t fall asleep at night, because your brain keeps buzzing and whirling? Well, that’s me, pretty much each night of the week. Between work, A. and school (yup, because on top of everything, I went back to school in September, in order to get a degree in electrotechincs. I’m insane like that), my mind is in constant overdrive. At times like this, I always think of all of you, amazing mamas out there, who aside from doing all those things listed above, manage to raise a family as well. You have my admiration.

But I digress. To be honest, for the past few weeks, I’ve been sort of going weary and bored with myself. I keep whining to my journal (and to anyone else who would listen) how busy I am, and how much I’ve got on my plate. It starts to feel really redundant and useless. I mean, whining can be satisfying, right? But it’s not going to make me move forward. What I really need is to become more proactive about being organized and managing my time. And prioritizing my health and well-being, because without them, I’m never going to get anything else done.

That’s why I’ve decided to make a plan to get more organized this fall, before the winter & holiday season hits me like a ton of bricks. I’ve made a great deal of thinking about the areas in my life that need an improvement and that I should focus on to feel more sane and ready to take on the world 🙂 Here they go:


  1. Making the most out of my bullet journal, and analyzing and improving on my planning routines.
  2. Setting up a simple meal planning system.
  3. Cleaning out and organizing my closet for fall & winter.
  4. Setting up a simple cleaning schedule and learning to delegate household chores accordingly.
  5. Decluttering and organizing my beauty drawer, and updating my skincare & beauty routine for fall & winter.
  6. Scheduling in time to make my health a priority: penciling in workout times, prioritizing rest and relaxation over getting everything done “perfectly” and adopting a healthier, more balancing diet.
  7. Creating a fall reading list, and then actually sticking with it.
  8. Setting my most important goal(s) for the remainder of 2016, and then starting to work on them immediately.

It may seem like a lot, but in reality, all these areas are more or less intertwined. They reflect my current goals and priorities, and I feel confident that improving upon them will help me stay productive, energized and sane during this season of my life. I’ll be sharing more about each point in a separate post, and in the mean time, I would love to know – do you have any tried and true strategies that help you stay organized? If so, please do share them in the comments, as I’m always eager to gather more useful tips to try!

Happy Monday!

xo Ivana


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