Charming weekend inspiration #1


Despite being a short one, this week really has been a doozy. I can’t wait to close the office door, leave all the stress and worries behind and enjoy a tranquil and productive weekend at home. It’s supposed to rain the entire two days, which is completely fine by me – I’ll make myself a huge mug of tea, light a candle and catch up on my favorite podcasts while tackling the projects on my weekend to do list. Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish:


1) Clean out and de-clutter my closet

Gosh, I’ve been thinking about this one for weeks. It doesn’t exactly sound like a fun weekend activity, but it’s oh-so-necessary. I did a spring cleaning of my closet back in March, but somehow, at the time, I skipped the de-cluttering part. And I have so.much.stuff in there, it’s scary (and not necessarily only clothes – I have DIY supplies in there, and magazines, and other random stuff that has absolutely no right to live in a closet). I probably need to get rid of most of it.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but before I do that, I really need to get my closet back under my control. Plus, now that A. and I are living together, he also needs some space for his clothes, so there goes my Saturday morning 🙂


2) Make breadsticks for dinner at least once

When it comes to comfort food, breadsticks are right on top of my list, alongside with a bowl of hearty soup and pizza, the queen of comfort food herself. Our favorite garlic breadsticks & garlic dip combo means that we’ll be having garlic breath for days, but I don’t even care, I love them that much.


3) Hit the bike again

I don’t know why, but thinking of making breadsticks always makes me think of working out, too 🙂 Even more so when I recently got a flu that took me out for two weeks and prevented me from exercising entirely. Ugh. It makes me feel restless. Now that I’m finally fine again, I’m looking forward to my daily biking sessions.


4) Make a new inspiration board

The old one has been shoved to the back of my closet (where I’m bound to rediscover it once I clean it out 🙂 ) I didn’t really have a space for it, but now that I’m planning my home office makeover, I’m really itching to get creative with the photos and the magazine tearouts again.


5) Create an editorial calendar for the upcoming weeks

I’ve been having so much fun with slowly easing my way back to blogging. I have dozens and dozens of ideas for posts and features, but I’m currently lacking a proper editorial calendar that would guide me and keep me organized. I’m still on the hunt for a simple and effective system that I could stick with. Do you have any tips or ideas you could share? Besides the big closet de-cluttering, this is going to be my most important and probably the most inspiring weekend project.

What are your plans for the first November weekend? Share them here and tag them on Instagram with the hashtag #charmingweekend – I’m always inspired by your own take on weekend projects!

Happy Friday!

Images via: Popsugar living // Damn Delicious // A house in the hills // The Everygirl // Unknown


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