Charming weekend #2


Another weekend has sneaked upon me, and while this one is going to be as far from relaxing as it can be (I’ll be at school both on Friday and Saturday), I’m still determined to make the most out of it. Since I know I won’t have much free time, I’m limiting myself to just three items, but they still make me pretty excited for the weekend. Here are my plans:


Attend a book fair

This has been an ongoing tradition for years – each November, there is a big book fair in Bratislava, and each year, my mom and I stuff our wallets, empty the car trunk and set off on a big adventure of discovering new books and authors. Let’s be honest, I probably need another huge stack of new books like I need a hole in my head, but I just can’t help myself. Nothing makes me happier than shuffling through piles and piles of books and picking new favorites to add to my bookshelves. We’ll go on Sunday morning, and it’ll be just the perfect reward for the otherwise exhausting weekend spent at school.


Make a big pot of hearty soup and enjoy the leftovers throughout the weekend

I don’t usually cook much on school weekends – I return home in the evenings too exhausted to even be bothered to pull pots and pans out of the cupboard. That’s why I always try to prepare a bigger meal on Thursday, so we can enjoy the leftovers and avoid eating out too much. This week I have my eyes set on my favorite tomato basil soup, which, by the way, always tastes better the next day 🙂


Listen to A torch against the night

Audible has been a lifesaver on my car rides to school – it takes me an hour to get there and another one to get back home, and while I actually love driving, doing the same route several weekends in a row can be rather mind numbing. Insert audiobooks here – Sabaa Tahir’s new series has been keeping me company for the past few weeks, and I’m in love! It’s such an absorbing and beautifully crafted story, and it’s really amazing on audio. It actually makes me look forward to going to school, which, let’s be honest, is no small feat 🙂

What are your plans for this weekend? Be sure to tell me in the comments, or let me know on Instagram, tagging your posts with a hashtag #charmingweekend Looking forward to seeing your posts!

Happy Friday 🙂

Images via: Kara Ashley Shreeve // Creme de la crumb // Buzzfeed 


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