31 before 31


It’s been a while since I celebrated my 30th birthday and wrote this post, but it’s still one of my favorite personal essays. At the time,  I also compiled a list of 31 things I wanted to accomplish / learn / do / experience before my 31st birthday. Yet somehow, this list got lost in the depths of my bullet journal, and I only recently stumbled upon it, and decided to publish it here on the blog, in order to give myself an extra jolt of inspiration and motivation to accomplish every single item that’s on it. I’m going to cross things off as I go, and in the meantime, I would love to know, do you have your own personal list of things you’d like to do before your next birthday? Mine is a mixture of travel, adventures, dreams and also things I’d love to ameliorate about my daily life – what would be on yours?

  1. Take a tour of vineyards in Chateauneuf-du-Pape. June 2016
  2. Wander through lavender fields in Provence and take hundreds of photos. June 2016
  3. Attend an olive oil tasting. June 2016, in Provence.
  4. Try a lavender ice cream for the first time. June 2016, in Avignon.
  5. Create a real photo album from my trip to Provence.
  6. Create a gallery wall made of my own travel photos.
  7. Organize all my friends and family addresses and send out birthday cards on time.
  8. Create a habit of writing my morning pages.
  9. Edit and organize my clothes & shoe closet.
  10. Create a filing system for all my paperwork.
  11. Read at least 5 books a month.
  12. Fall in love 🙂  May 2016
  13. Write a cookbook.
  14. Learn to manage my stress levels better.
  15. Improve my focus.
  16. Create (and stick to) a productive morning routine.
  17. Make all the recipes from one cookbook.
  18. Go see a live concert.
  19. Go on a weekend spa getaway.
  20. Complete one adult coloring book.
  21. Every month, read my three favorite magazines cover to cover.
  22. Change my hair color – go a lighter shade.
  23. Donate blood again.
  24. Watch at least three new-to-me shows.
  25. Learn to write book reviews for my blog and keep a reading journal.
  26. Visit at least 5 cities in Slovakia I’ve never been to.
  27. Kick my procrastination habit to the curb.
  28. Develop a regular exercise routine I will be able to keep up with.
  29. Organize my inspiration files and actually use them.
  30. Complete my technical and business education.
  31. Enjoy, cherish and be thankful for every day of my 31st year.

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